BabyLove Easy Tape

BabyLove Easy Tape

BabyLove Easy Tape

Disposable tape diaper for the health of your little one, who will be happy, active and comfortable. Designed with extra soft absorbent core and surfaces that have been tested to be hypo-allergenic, not causing irritation*. Gentle for your little one’s delicate skin.

BabyLove Easy Tape

BabyLove Easy Tape

1 Tested Hypo-Allergenic surface

Dermatologically proven to be gentle to the skin and non-irritating. No allergic reaction * to baby's skin.

There was no irritation or allergic reaction in the experimental group. Tested by Dermscan Asia Thailand. This excludes personal allergies or irritation and allergies due to wearing diapers for a prolonged period of time. If irritation persists, seek medical advice.

BabyLove Easy Tape

BabyLove Easy Tape

2 3D baby soft sheet:

provide soft and gentle touch for your baby’s delicate skin, ensuring ultimate comfort and dryness.

3 Power gel: BabyLove Easy Tape

absorbs liquids very quickly in order to protect your little one’s skin from irritation and rash.

BabyLove Easy Tape

BabyLove Easy Tape

4 Wetness indicator: BabyLove Easy Tape

When the indicator changes form yellow to green, it’s time to change the diaper!

**If the product has been stored in a damp place, the wetness tab may turn green prior to use and may affect the quality of the product.

5 Soft Easy Tape: BabyLove Easy Tape

an ultra-soft tape that can be easily adjusted to ensure the perfect fit to your little one’s body, allowing agile movement.

BabyLove Easy Tape

6 Navel Protection: BabyLove Easy Tape

With the curved design, the diaper will not touch the sensitive skin around a newborn’s belly button.

7 Wide elasticated waistband allows BabyLove Easy Tape

for a perfect fit and prevents leakage around the waist area.

BabyLove Easy Tape

BabyLove Easy Tape

The diapers are patterned with fables about cute animals

that allow for your little one’s imagination to soar through the characters of the stories. The little ones will be able to familiarize themselves with the cute creatures of the world and learn lessons through the adorably patterned diapers, such as the Lion and the Mouse, Ugly Duckling, the Tortoise and the Hare, etc.


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ตั้งแต่แรกเกิด - 5 KG.


Newborn - 5 KG.

3 - 7 KG.


3 - 7 KG.

5 - 11 กก.


5 - 11 KG.

10 - 14 กก.


10 - 14 KG.

มากกว่า 13 กก.


more than 13 KG.

How to use

How to wear diaper

1 วางลูกน้อยบริเวณส่วนกลางของผ้าอ้อม ดึงผ้าอ้อมหน้าขึ้น

Place baby on top of the open diaper and pull the front up

2 ติดแถบเทปทั้ง 2 ข้างเข้าหากัน

Stick tapes on both sides

3 ปรับแถบเทปให้กระชับพอดีตัว

Adjust the tapes to fit to your baby’s needs

How to remove diaper

1 วิธีถอดผ้าอ้อม
2 วิธีถอดผ้าอ้อม

Peel the tape off the refastenable frontal zone and remove the diaper from baby’s bottom.

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