Privacy Policy

We are aware of the importance of privacy policy. We strongly advise you to keep your personal information as confidential as possible. Please read the details of this privacy policy and please understand the relevant actions to your personal information. These policies are subject to change without notice, so please review the terms and changes regularly.

1. General Information of members

We will collect information such as your name, e-mail address, date of birth, etc. during the member registration process. Disclosure of personal information is especially beneficial for product and services offerings that meet your needs and interests. Once you have registered for membership, you will be eligible for membership benefits. These include special offers that members will receive from the company.

In the event that such personal information is hacked or lost due to force majeure, or in any event, the company reserves the right to refuse liability for all such causes.

2. Cookies

Cookies are small data that will be stored in your browser to collect information about your visit so that when you visit our site again in the future, it will immediately recognize you as a repeat user.

Cookies are not programs that will enter the user's computer system and destroy files. It is intended to help us keep track of which pages you visit, from the beginning to the end of each visit, as well as how often. We not use cookies to determine the identity of the user. It just gives us information on whether a certain computer has ever visited our website.

Cookies are not used to store personal information, such as your name or e-mail address. If you do not want cookies used on your computer, you can instruct your browser to reject cookies.

The benefits of Cookies :

  1. To store information of a visitor, as well as store the information of each member to use in determining the product information, products and services suggestions to best meet the needs of each user.
  2. To evaluate the number of visitors. Each browser uses a different cookie. This makes it possible to distinguish between visitors who are members and non-members. These data will be useful for presenting advertisements to the target audience based on their interests and internet usage behavior.
  3. To check the frequency of use. This type of cookie inspection will not only make us understand the nature, habit, and behavior of internet users, but also affects our service improvements, advertising content, and promotions on the website in order to meet each user’s needs.

3. Usage of member information

The primary purpose of storing member information is to provide the most appropriate service to each member at the time of your visit where you can use the website without any cost. Occasionally, electronic newsletters may be sent to you regarding information on activities and services. If you are not interested or do not want to receive the aforementioned information, you can choose to unsubscribe at any time.

As for all information you have given to the company, you grant us the right to copy, edit, delete, modify, publish, translate, and/or use the information in any media or technology available without paying any compensation. The grant of this right is a non-exclusive, irrevocable, and allows license to any user of the company to access your information through these websites and to reproduce, distribute, disclose, publish according to permission through usage of each function of the website.

The Company disclaims all right to use all information provided by you and/or its affiliates for any revision, editing, or deletion of information if the information is found to be in violation of any information or usage guidelines. The provisions provided in this document is subject to change without notice. In addition, the company cannot guarantee your involvement in the edit, revision, or deletion process. Generally, product ratings or customer feedback will appear on the public domain within two to four days of posting. However, the company reserves the right to remove posts or information without the need to clarify the reason for such action.

4. Collecting member information

In the case where additional personal information is requested, only the company will acknowledge and collect such information. In certain cases where the information is shared with third parties, the company will notify you in advance. Members will have the right to approve, disapprove, or choose to opt out of services as appropriate. Any marketing or promotional activities hosted on may be sponsored by various companies. Also, there may be mutual support from a partner or business partner. Some members' information or any information collected from such activities may be offered to sponsoring companies. In this case, the members have the right to decide not to participate in the activities.
The company does not have any policy to sell or lease the customers’ information to any third party.

Note: If you visit other websites that have links on, they may be able to collect your personal information. This case is not included in our privacy policy.

5. Public access to member information

Normally, we do not disclose our members’ personal information to third parties except in special cases where permission is granted as follows:

  1. Information for partners and/or business partners, as well as business sponsors: The Company may disclose personal information to business partners and business sponsors. The Company will inform you in advance about the collection of such information or prior to transmission or transfer your membership information. Details of disclosure can be tracked from the Terms of Service or Terms of Use.
  2. Some promotional items may require additional information from sponsors. In order to obtain such information, the company reserves the right to disclose your membership information to sponsors. So we can meet your needs in the future. We will notify you before disclosure or transfer of information.
  3. In some cases, you may be offered the opportunity to receive special information or news from third parties. Once you agree to receive such information, your name and email address will be disclosed to the third party.
  4. The Company may disclose information in special cases where the disclosure affects the classification, contact, and legal action against the offender regarding the service of the company or causing harm or any damage to the customers of the company by interfering with or infringing on any rights and property, whether intentionally or not. In addition, the company can disclose information if requested by the government under the jurisdiction of relevant law or for any other purposes that the company deem necessary to maintain and develop the services and improve the products and services of the company.

6. The information you give to us

To identify any information on or through the company's website, its affiliates, or service providers, you are responsible for the following:

  • You are the owner of the information.
  • The information is true and accurate.
  • The information will not cause any damage to any person or entity.
  • The information is not obtained by infringement of trademarks, proprietary or distribution rights, as well as privacy.
  • The information does not violate any provision of law, regulation or regulation.
  • The information must not be insulting, demeaning, threatening to any person, or cause a religious conflict.
  • The information must not refer to a website, e-mail address, home address, or telephone number of the website or any other person.
  • If the information is similar or the name of a person is identified.
  • You must obtain the consent of that person to identify the similarity/identity of the person in question.
  • The data must not contain computer viruses. This includes any program or file that is corrupt and may cause damage.

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